Sundays, 6:00 - 7:30 PM PST  |  Online

every body every mind sangha

We are an East Bay Meditation Center Buddhist-based meditation and discussion group open to anyone living with disabilities, limitations, differences and chronic illnesses.

To attend: Please send a request to for a Zoom link.


EBEM was founded in 2011 by Debra Kerr and Charlie Johnson, two of EBMC’s founding teachers. Sangha (spiritual community) meetings are led on a rotation basis by several of EBMC’s outstanding teachers who all self-identify as people with disabilities, including chronic illness and chronic pain. 

Each of our teachers leads Every Body Every Mind Sangha in their own way. A typical meeting might include a half hour of guided mindfulness meditation, community building in the form of small group and/or full group sharing, a dharma talk from the teacher, and Q&A and announcements. Beginners in meditation are always welcome to attend, and instruction is provided.

EBMC operates as part of the worldwide gift economics movement and encourages the spiritual practice of Generous Giving, dana (a word from the ancient Buddhist language of Pali). Financial contributions from the community enable all EBMC classes, workshops, retreats, and weekly groups, including EBEM, to be accessible to people of all income levels, without set fees or upfront costs. Your contributions also sustain our teachers so that they can continue to give teachings to the community. 

Donate to East Bay Meditation Center

If you prefer to send a check, please make it to EBMC and mail to EBMC, 285 17th Street, Oakland, California 94612, and print "EBEM Sangha" on the memo line. Thank you. 

Donate to the teachers 

Our teachers generously give their time and share their wisdom. They are not paid by EBMC. Donations support our teachers’ livelihood. PayPal and Venmo links for the teacher will be listed in the chat each Sunday

Volunteering for Every Body Every Mind

We welcome volunteers who are part of the EBEM Sangha and who can assist with Zoom event management of online meetings, and with opening the center, setup and light cleanup and closing of the center for in-person meetings. Please ask any questions by emailing ebem at eastbaymeditation dot org. Training is provided. 

Before coming to EBEM, please be sure to read our fragrance-free policy. During the pandemic, all EBMC programs are online. However, once we reopen our physical space in Oakland, California, it is important that we maintain a fragrance free space for the health of our community. Thank you, and see you on Sunday night!



Universal Access Requests

EBMC has Universal Access Requests on Zoom to help with sound and video quality. These requests help everybody participate comfortably in sangha. If possible…






Hybrid meetings will no longer be held monthly due to low attendance, but will still be held occasionally. Upcoming hybrid meeting dates: Feb 25th, April 7th, and June 2nd. Online access continues as usual too.

Our aim continues to be to meet the needs of as many sangha members as possible—both those who need to connect remotely and those for whom in-person meetings are more accessible. We will evaluate this as we go along, and welcome member feedback. East Bay Meditation Center has robust Covid precautions in place, including mask wearing and a requirement that in-person participants be fully vaccinated. Please go to for full information.

Please click the link to our sangha survey here. We want to hear from you about your experience with the EBEM sangha and how we move into the future. It's quick and anonymous (unless you want us to respond). 

If the above link does not work, click here for the EBEM Survey: